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Steve instructs students to utilize the concepts covered in the previous lesson to implement velocity for the sprite's up and down movements. A possible solution is also covered in this segment.

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Transcript from the "Velocity Practice" Lesson

>> For this character, can you take a second and do the same basic mechanics, but for y speed, so that we can move up and down. And it should slow down at around 80%. And I'll take a look at it with you, Wes, if you need help.
>> What?

>> You want me to take a look at it with you?
>> No.
>> Okay, so I'll keep that there, see if you can get y going, and then you can kind of slide around in both. And it should feel a lot better than even our taco chase game felt at the beginning of the day.

[00:00:29] Cool, so yeah, oddly satisfying, makes you feel good. Really, to do it for the y, we do need to duplicate a bunch of this, cuz we can't store two values in the same thing. And what we're doing with x is not the same as y. So we kinda just need to do some more of the same, in this case.

[00:00:48] So we've got, again, for this sprite only, we got our y speed, which I've misspelled for the second time, Go me. And so we'll set that y speed over to 0 in the beginning as well, and, I'm gonna do some duplication action here. I duplicated a little bit too much there, but we'll get rid of some stuff.

[00:01:16] I'll have the y speed go -10, and then we just gotta make sure we adjust everything accordingly. Change this one to y speed, y speed, and y speed, okay, that should do the trick, we'll find out. No, if up arrow was pressed. Let's see, left and right are the x speed, I'm changing.

[00:01:51] Obviously, change x by y speed is not gonna work [LAUGH]. I mean, the work does not what I wanted.
>> You should make the ball look like it's spinning.
>> We don't want me opening the sprite editor and playing with this. I will lose seven hours of my life making the most unhinged sprites you've ever seen in your life.

>> You can use this, but rotate it, but-
>> The problem is I know what I will do, [LAUGH] I will be a bad person [LAUGH]. Change y by the y speed, that's by the 10. [LAUGH] I probably should stop my program from running. That's why we don't make changes in production.

[00:02:31] And I can go diagonal as well, it's got that nice. Really, I'm not gonna say that I was in a meeting and I had this going and I was doing this as a fidget toy during a meeting at any point in the last. This is kinda like that driving mechanism that we had in the very beginning where we just had him turn, right?

[00:02:52] That was obviously he was always moving and had to be the turn angle. Well, at this point, we could theoretically, definitely try to avoid, so I could bring this mechanic back to Taco Chase.
>> Another thing, you could use the pen tool to make a kind of trail behind it that disappears.

>> We're going there, we're gonna.
>> That'd be cool.
>> We'll use the pen tool a little bit, the pen tool will be coming out.
>> Yay.
>> Oddly satisfying, definitely not something I did during a meeting at all, I sat there and fidgeted with.

[00:03:31] Definitely not buying time right now as I sit here and also fidget with it cuz I can't put it down.