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>> Kyle: So just as that quick review, this is really all about plus. This is an and, not an or. We want callbacks and thunks. We want promises and generators, and observables, and CSP. We want all these tools available to us, cuz that's gonna make us better developers. Okay?

As a reminder this is my contact information. I strongly encourage and challenge you to not let this be the last time you go over the material. Go back to these exercises in a couple of weeks and try them from scratch. Go back over the slides, over your notes.

Try these things and try to work them into the work that you're doing. Even if you think you have a boss who is like, he'll never care that I'm doing this kinda stuff, that doesn't mean that you can't use the stuff that you do at work as an opportunity to learn better.

Even if you're trying and stuff out, and even if that code never gets committed in, and it's still better that you try it in context and learn from that. And I'd courage you that when you learn something, if you've learned something here today, or if you feel like you learned something when you go back over some stuff, go write a little two or three paragraph blog post about it.

Try to teach someone else. Because you really learn best, when you're forced to try to teach somebody else. So whatever your realm is, you don't have to have the word teacher in your job title to be a teacher. You can write a blog post, you can go to a meet up and talk about it, and give a lightning talk about it, write a book about it.

I mean, do whatever you wanna do, but give a brown bag lunch at work, say hey I just went to this workshop, let me show you some of the stuff that I learned, right? That is how you'll solidify the learning, is to practice those things then teach others.

So in that process of going through those things, if you ever have any questions you feel overwhelmed by something today, and you know you wanna circle back, and you've got some questions about it, when you want to go back. Please feel free to reach out, there's dozens of different ways to get a hold of me.

I love doing this. This is what I, I'm all in on the teaching thing, trying to help people understand JavaScript better. It's been a super huge honor to be here. I appreciate all of your attention and sticking with it, through a bunch of challenging material. Thanks very much for being here, and happy JavaScript learning.

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