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Your First Route Exercise

Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds

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Remix Fundamentals

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Students are instructed to add a link to a new route at /posts and create a file that will be rendered when the user visits that route.


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>> Great, then let's get this running. We're gonna run node dev 1, and then pop open localhost: 4001. And this is the Indie Stack, ta-da, slightly modified. But this is basically what you'll get if you start up with the Indie Stack. You can log in. We aren't doing anything with auth until way later.

But if you want to, you can log in. There's a user that has been seeded into the database for you and it's And the password is, you're gonna love this, Kodylovesyou. And boom, now it says hello, Kody. But again, you probably won't need to authenticate until the very end of the workshop.

So don't worry too much about that. So what we're gonna be doing is we're building a blog, okay? So we want to have, and not just a markdown blog where it's GitHub files like everybody's been doing, myself included, for years. But this is gonna be a blog where you can write markdown, but the markdown is saved in a database.

And so you can deploy this to production. And then log in, write new blog posts, hit save and it's instantly available. No build necessary, which is kind of exciting these days. But that is what we're gonna be building. So the first exercise, we're gonna build out our first Remix routes.

I think you have everything that you need to work on this exercise. Like I said, it's pretty quick, so we won't take a lot of time on it. But I just want you to get started on this first exercise.

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