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Students are instructed to add error boundaries to the /post/:slug, /posts/admin/:slug, /post routes, and the hidden parent route. Remix has built-in error handling capabilities, including ErrorBoundary and CatchBoundary.


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>> So let's move on to exercise eight, node dev eight. And this is where we talk about errors. What happens when there are errors cuz there always will be errors. No matter how good you are at coding, you will create errors. I am sorry to inform you of this but it's gonna happen.

So remix has built in error handling capabilities. There are two exports that you're going to wanna know about, error boundaries and catch boundaries. And those are all explained in the background so you can read through that. And then for the exercise, we're going to add error boundaries to a couple of routes.

And in fact, we have one route that is like a hidden parent route that we're just getting the default because we haven't actually specified it. We're gonna create that file so we can add an error boundary to that. And then we have the extra credit is for the catch boundaries which are also for handling errors just slightly different.

So I think that's all the background that I need to say, feel free to get started on this and we'll be back to work on it together.

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