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Students are instructed to implement the ability to update an item's quantity.

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Transcript from the "Updating Item Data Exercise" Lesson

>> All right, so I got the price working, why don't you spend about seven minutes to get the quantity working. And then we'll take the fact that once we have the price, the quantity the ability add or remove items, all we need to do is get the totals working.

[00:00:15] Everything along those lines cuz in fact, I already have the tip percentage update in place. So we'll have everything we need to figure out how to compute and derive some data as well. So take a little bit of time, get up stretch, see if you can implement that.

[00:00:30] I'm gonna push up the live coding branch, and I'm gonna drop a CodeSandbox. So you can start exactly from my code and pick up where I left off.