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Students are instructed to create a slice for adding humans using the Redux tool kit.

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Transcript from the "Create a Slice Exercise" Lesson

>> We're gonna actually create the human slice now, which, or replace it so that it was expecting mapping on a rice and giving you an empty one. So if we go in here and we look at the state, because now see that I have the tasks, they're all loaded in there.

[00:00:12] We even have the actions which we'll see when we get everything to the point, we can start dispatching some actions as well, but your job is to, I made the task slice. Your job is to go ahead and create a slice using Redux toolkit for also adding human, so it's effectively very similar to what we did the tasks where you're gonna go ahead and do it for adding humans and then add it into our store with the reducer, very similar to how we just did it.

[00:00:37] And then we'll take it from there and get the rest of the application working.