Reactivity with SolidJS

Wrapping Up

Ryan Carniato

Ryan Carniato

SolidJS Creator
Reactivity with SolidJS

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Ryan wraps up the course by sharing a few additional resources to learn more about SolidJS.


Transcript from the "Wrapping Up" Lesson

>> I'm just gonna honestly congratulate you all for making it all the way through today. We covered a lot of stuff, we have all the resources you need to kind of backtrack and look at all the examples we did on the site and then the GitHub. But I wanted to put a few more out there, in case you want to learn more about Solid.

We have our website, which we were using today for the tutorials, but we also have a beta doc site, which is still working progress, but it has much better guides for beginners, we go into detail. Let you configure like what framework you're coming from, if you are TypeScript, JavaScript, and make a more personalized feel for learning Solid, which is really powerful.

It's still a work in progress but it's gonna be the best way to learn Solid in the future. Solid start also has its own docs site, where you can learn all about the features of Solid start. If you've used React-use or Vue-use, we have something called Solid primitives. And Solid-primitives is community managed, it has a whole number of packages in here, for different, what active-element, audio, bounds, clipboard, all the kind of utility, local storage, kind of stuff that you'd want to use in a Solid app.

The Solid website also has links to more resources and articles. There's over 200 ecosystem libraries, everything from MUI to Hope UI, which is like our chakra UI port, all 10 are Lindsay's projects solid query, solid table. And a link to whole bunch of resources, articles and videos. And finally, I put a couple of my own links in here.

I have about 80 to 100 articles on Dev2, that I've written about various topics, about front-ends, and a stream every Friday, pretty much. So hopefully you've learned something today, I had a lot of fun teaching you all. Thank you for coming.

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