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Students are instructed to make a type that excludes accountId and have the Friend component base it's props off of the currentUser component.

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Transcript from the "Utility Types Exercise" Lesson

>> And then the friend component is also using user model. But the challenge I give to you is instead have it read the type. Since this is that last slide, so before I have it, see if you can have it read the type of current users. See like, okay, I wanna be able to use all the same prompts as current user without having to use the user model type itself.

[00:00:25] If you need to reference any types you saw on the slides, you can go back onto the website, we have the two other utility types in react. They're all here as well, so you can reference that. But the two goals of the mission here are mega tight that excludes the account ID and then have the friend component.

[00:00:45] Figure out its props based on the current user component instead of just using the same type.