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Steve demonstrates how to set up a local version of the course exercises to allow exercise completion without accessing individual code sandboxes.

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Transcript from the "Local Setup" Lesson

>> So let's talk a little bit about just how to follow along, but locally, like as I mentioned. We've got code sandboxes for every step, but I don't always trust things that are not completely under my control. So one of the things we have is, we've got all the code sandboxes which I'll show you are kind of in the appendix listed per every step along the way.

[00:00:24] As well as embedded in a lot of the lessons are linked there. But also if you want to do any of these stuff locally as well, and we'll do some of them like that ourselves, we've got at repo that you can clone down here. And so what we'll do is you can clone it I have it already.

[00:00:44] And any of the examples from along the way like the smaller things, are kind of here as well. And they are aligned to all the sandboxes you can kind of see the code in any given one of those, you can navigate in there NPM install. And NPM start, to get a local environment running.

[00:01:08] For some of the larger projects that we might work on or some of the bases that we might work with there are indivdiual projects here as well. And NPM start should get them up and running as well. If you want to there is like a tool that recursively installs everything.

[00:01:29] One of the things that I will warn you is since there are a lot of directories. And you might not want everything for every one of these, you might not be spinning up every individual example. So it's up to you, if you want to recursively install all of those different things, it's gonna start eating up some disk space and stuff along those lines.

[00:01:50] So I would probably if you find yourself annoyed, or having to do it over and over again, you can recursively stall, maybe just in the projects. Otherwise, you can just install the dependencies in whatever you want to spin up, but NPM install NPM start should give you a local version.

[00:02:04] Of any given code sandbox you find us using, as well as some of the kinda projects that will build upon, as we write some code together as well.