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React and TypeScript Higher Order Components Exercise

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Students are instructed to create a WithCurrentUser higher-order component that passes in the basic user information and accepts a manually passed salutation prop.

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Transcript from the "Higher Order Components Exercise" Lesson

>> All right, so now you're getting your hands dirty. I've got another kinda simple example from a lot earlier, where we're going to take the name tag and we're gonna try to pull out the, we're gonna try to do a width current user that will pass in. We're gonna create a width current user higher-order component.

[00:00:17] It's gonna pass in the basic user information. But the extra challenge at this point, we still wanna accept that salutation prop manually. So it's kind of a little bit of an extension. So I'll give you a chance to kind of get your hands dirty with the pattern, and then we'll do it together as a team.