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Scott Moss begins his React Native course with a brief introduction and some initial thoughts about the React Native platform. With React Native, the developer can “Learn once, build everywhere”. Just like on the web, user interfaces are built with React components and all application logic is JavaScript.

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Transcript from the "Introduction" Lesson

>> [MUSIC]

>> Scott: So we're just gonna jump right in this because I'm so excited to talk about react native, it's pretty dope. So you're like, Mark said I'm Scott. Currently, I don't have a job, just work for myself. And I do things like and hack open source for my homies.

[00:00:58] And that's pretty much it I'm in San Francisco, I do a lot of traveling and stuff like that. So this is gonna today of course in React Native. So I don't wanna kind of go over the format of how I like to do the workshops and just give everybody the letter I know how that's gonna work.

[00:01:13] So for me like I don't really like slides but I have slides here that maybe the last minute. For me, not for everybody else. I just hate slides, doesn't do a lot of live coding. And a lot of back and forth discussion so I see a lot of questions.

[00:01:29] Try to stump me. I want opportunity to learn as much as I'm teaching you. So a lot of back and forth tons of questions being asked but that being said you're gonna be building an app, actually two app. We're building two apps, one today and one tomorrow. I will be live coding on a separate app to teach you the concepts and then you'll apply to your applications that you'll do on your own machine.

[00:01:48] Cool? All right, so I sent a link to the slides in the chat if you wanna follow along. But again mostly for me I'll also, I'll actually the other reason I want to do the slides that I put the exercises on there. Because I notice a lot of people actually know what I'm supposed to do next.

[00:02:06] Well the exercise will be over. So you're just gonna look and see exactly what you're doing on a current exercise. Cool, any questions before we get started just come in.
>> Speaker 2: Just a comment. you have a super fan and said in that attended all three courses.
>> Scott: Dope.

[00:02:21] That's what I'm talking about then I can number this instead of a cookie.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Scott: All right. Let's us just get started let's get right into it. Okay. Actually before we get started. Has anybody had trouble with the hello world tutorial on React Native? It is imperative that you get that up and running.

[00:02:42] Like if you don't have that up and running, you're gonna run this, you just can't, you can not do the course. You can't do the course if you don't have it pretty much.
>> Speaker 2: I think I have everything installed. I'm just not sure where to like see the hello to see the.

>> Scott: Are you running on the emulator? Do you have an emulator open?
>> Speaker 2: What? No, I'm not sure.
>> Scott: Okay. So you just run these commands whenever you want, and it'll create that directory. Got it. Yeah. Got it. And then I can just see it. Then you can see into that directory in a little while.

[00:03:16] Got it. Okay. All right, sweet. I was let's start it so React Native. So the whole premise of React Native and this is from the react native team is that they want you to be able to learn once and build everywhere. So that means is if you know Reacts on the Web, you can take what you know about Reacts and apply it here to the Native.

[00:03:40] It's not like build once, have a word, they don't expect you to like build one codebase in a word there is not their philosophy. They're just saying you know react already so building it again on native is going to be different. So it's not exactly going to be like I can transfer my entire codebase over from my react web app and place in React native it'll just work not entirely.

[00:04:00] Not the U I maybe some of the logic stuff. So I think that's a really good approach because your knowledge is transferable. And you feel pretty powerful. So react native is a platform. It's not like a framework really, really is a platform that allow you develop native modules or native applications using React.

[00:04:21] So it's a pretty sweet platform. Build native UIs with React components. Who here has never used React?
>> Scott: Nice. You gotta have a of learns today.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Scott: [LAUGH] A lot of learns. Yeah ,so we're going to build native user interfaces with react components which you'll see.

[00:04:41] If you ever develop natively with like Objective C, Java or even Swift. Yeah it's great but then like they just don't compare to like react components or- Many people aren't even native developers Just one, all right. Everybody here knows JavaScript though, yeah? Okay, all right. Cool.
>> [LAUGH]

>> Scott: Gotta check. All right, so yeah, we're gonna be building native UIs with the React components. But creating the application logic is literally just JavaScript, just like we do on the Web. So all this stuff you do on the Web as far as Head of HTTP state management.

[00:05:18] Mostly all the other stuff is literally just going to record JavaScript and I'd need another change. So that's the code where you probably could share between environments between the web with tween desktop if you use like electrons between mobile web if you have a different mobile website and also the native.

[00:05:34] So that's the stuff that is going to be sharable because it's just JavaScript. It's not most of it's not tied to the platform unless using like platform specific API stuff we'll get into later.