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React Native (feat. Redux) Exercise: Styling the Todo Application

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In this exercise, you will use the React Native styling API to style the Todo application

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Transcript from the "Exercise: Styling the Todo Application" Lesson

>> [MUSIC]

>> Scott Moss: Yes, so like I said there's a ton more different types of style that you can do. So what I want to do for the next exercise is to actually just style our to do so it's not unusable, make it actually usable. You know like make a touchable button and stuff like that.

[00:00:22] Again, I didn't go over like the styles for the touch of the highlights like that because they just inherit from the view, they're literally just a view, with some extra stuff so I want to be I want to text that's pretty much only two things you need to notice to style that to do that.

[00:00:36] So just how to do outside actually looks like something you would actually use. Whatever that looks like and then we'll go over a solution of how I might style it and we'll go from there.