Production-Grade Vue.js

Composition Exercise

Ben Hong

Ben Hong

Production-Grade Vue.js

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Students are instructed to add a text input to customize the increment amount in the HelloWorld component.


Transcript from the "Composition Exercise" Lesson

>> So I think what we're gonna do here is I want you all because again, this is it's important for I think, for people to get their hands sort of, into like the code. So what we're gonna do is inside of your code repo, right, the production. Sorry, the production rate view repo, I want you to go ahead and try to replicate this.

Go through the effort of basically configuring your own counter. And then to enhance that, go ahead and have a text input that's going to customize how much like it should increment by. And then add like a decrement function and then practice doing that just with the composition API just to see how it feels.

And then I'll go ahead and do those enhancements here in about, let's say ten minutes, I would say for this exercise, so, see what you can do to get started because there's not very much boilerplate, but the intention here is for you to really get in there and try to basically look up the docs and see how it feels and then that way, we'll talk about questions regarding this afterwards

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