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Scott Moss

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Production-Grade Next.js

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Scott Moss introduces the course and provides course materials including the GitHub repository.


Transcript from the "Introduction" Lesson

>> Hello everyone and welcome to production grade Nick's as with me, your instructor, Scott Moss along with front end masters. Who has always given me this amazing platform to do what I like to do best, which is to teach and explain complicated things in a way that makes sense to me.

To help everyone who needs, help learning something, so thanks again front end masters. This course is basically a follow up on the previous course that I shot on intro to next as I think the feedback there was pretty good and the demand was pretty high so we decided to shoot a production grade one.

Because there was just so many questions in that course that I wanted to answer, but I was a little timid because I knew that they was just like a rabbit hole and I could talk about that stuff for days. So now we got a whole course for it and it kind of worked out because since I released that course next day, ISS had.

So many new features either come out of beta or just new features in general that I'm gonna be talking about in this course. So it's like they're really tying it together and it couldn't been a more perfect time to really shoot this course, so I'm super excited. Okay, so first thing, let's actually get everyone the materials they need to do this course, so what you wanna do is you wanna head over to My GitHub.

So if you go to, slash hendrixer, which is my GitHub, and you can go to my repos, and you'll see one there for production grade nextjs, so you can click on that repo. And this is where we're going to be working, but the thing that's important right now is if you go to the readme, there's a link for the curriculum.

And I just want you to click that link and that's going to bring it to this site here. So the URL for this site is production-grade-next, and that's going to be where you can follow along to everything that we're going to be covering in this course. So like I said, literally everything I'm going to cover in this course is going to be here on this website.

And then the code is going to be in that repo, so pretty much good here. So I'm just going to follow along here, so let's just get here and we'll continue so I'm clicking on welcome. And basically it's just a little intro about myself but the thing I wanna talk about.

Is really the course and how the format of this course is going to be, it's a little different than what I would normally do, and I think it's because the content is actually very, in some cases, very advanced. But also it's, I wanted to keep it as practical as possible, I've done a lot of consulting in the past where I would help companies Move from scaling this technology over to something bigger for more users.

And it's always helpful to show like real world examples versus talk about something theoretically, because it's the devils in the details. So this course is very practical, but basically, what we're gonna be doing here is we're gonna take a MVP app that's been built out by a team.

Unless a team I mean me.And the app is just not ready for production. It's it's missing key features, some of the things just aren't built out completely things like authentication, stuff like that. It's just not ready for production, I mean, yeah, the UI is there, the styling is there.

And that's really great, but we couldn't ship this, and basically the app is kind of like a notion slash wiki clone, calling it known, because that's just what came to mind. So we're not going to be like rebuilding all of it from scratch because like I said, the UI and stuff is basically done the the stylings done we're not going to mess with any of that stuff.

We're only going to be trying to turn this app ready, like to make it productive production grade basically. So just adding things, tweaking things along the way. And then we're just gonna be learning everything in an actual productive environment, a realistic environment of what you would probably do with the next ASF at your company.

So that's basically it.

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