Guide for Launching Your Next Big Idea

Running a Test Campaign

Paul Boag

Paul Boag

Guide for Launching Your Next Big Idea

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Paul explains that test campaigns ensure a plan is in place for driving leads and give you sample conversion rates based on pricing.


Transcript from the "Running a Test Campaign" Lesson

>> So we come now in many ways to the critical moment of, well, let's find out whether this actually works or not, whether we got a viable product here. And actually, when I first sat down to create this workshop, it was this part that was the heart of it.

For me because this is what I've been doing with various startups that I've worked with. And it's turned into a very good way of kind of getting a sense of whether an app has got legs or not. Basically, what we're gonna do is we're gonna run a test campaign as if this product was a real live breathy, living thing, and we're gonna see whether anybody is interested or not right?

So it's kind of fake it till you make it kind of scenario or it's all smoke and mirrors but it'll teach us what we want to know. So what we're gonna learn from this campaign, right? One, we will find out whether we have a plan in place that will actually consistently drive leads whether we are capable of acquiring people's attention, right?

Can we get their attention? Secondly, can we cause get them to convert, right? We want to find out get an idea of what our conversion rate will be. And then finally, it's an opportunity to make some decisions around pricing and how we're gonna model the pricing. So it might be that we don't just run one campaign, it might be that we run multiple test campaigns as we learn more.

So we might try one with certain tactics doesn't work. So we'll try it with another tactic doesn't work. Try it with a third tactic. Yeah, that was working better. Right now we'll see if we will try it with a freemium model. Does that work and fiddle around with different criteria until we've got something we feel is robust.

And then we can go full steam into development because we're much more confident about what can be done. So steps in running this campaign, okay? First of all, we're gonna agree what success looks like, okay? Because obviously, success can't look like we've just earned a lot of money from people.

Because we haven't built anything yet. So that would be what is generally classed as immoral, right? [LAUGH] so we don't want to do that or perhaps we do, I'm not gonna judge. Second, we need to set our price, okay? So we're gonna put a price in now and give an indication of price, even i we don't take money from people, okay?

Cuz price is a critical factor in whether this is gonna succeed or fail. Third, we're gonna build a landing page, which is gonna be the test bed of whether we can convert people or not, all right? And fourth, we're gonna drive traffic to that page, and then we're gonna see if people convert, but finally, we don't wanna waste those people, right?

So because they can't actually buy the product at the end of the day, but they've shown interest and we might have even paid a bit of money to get them there. So we don't wanna waste them, so we're also gonna look at nurturing that audience over the long term until we've got an actual product to sell them, right?

All make sense? Any questions about that? It's really important that everybody's clear on this one.

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