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>> Welcome to building AI-powered apps with Node.js. I'm your instructor, Scott Moss. Happy to have you here. Happy to be back with the Frontend Masters team. As you know, this is pretty much the only platform that I still teach on. Just love the team, I love the platform.

And I love to get up here and just talk about all the random cool things that I've been working on if people wanna listen. [LAUGH] So here I am, I'm back today to talk about the thing that's been on top of mind for me the most which is AI, and the reason that's been on my mind a lot is because of just what I do every day.

So if you don't know me, I've been an engineer for over a decade now, and since then, I've done things like starting companies, and then eventually transitioned over to be an investor. So my full-time job now is an investor in early-stage startups. And then at the firm that I work at, I mostly focus on AI, so I'm literally consuming AI, whether it's evaluating pitches from teams building an AI to evaluating technologies around AI to stay educated on the market and different opportunities.

And then on a personal matter, I spend a lot of my time, just one, just trying to keep up with it, but two, just building things. So that way, I am staying relevant when I talk to these extremely technical, extremely intelligent founders that are doing some amazing stuff on the forefront of AI.

So it's basically consuming my professional and somewhat personal life at this point. So this is kind of like a venting exercise for me to just vent about all the cool stuff that I've been seeing, and in such a way. So that's kinda what I'm doing now. If you've paid attention, the last course I created here was a full stack out from scratch where we built a note taking app in Next Js, or not, it's a journaling app.

And there was a lot of AI involved in it around figuring out the sentiment and things like that. Okay, this course, there is a little bit of crossover because there's AI, so the crossover itself is AI. But in that course, it was mostly just building the full stack app itself.

And we kinda went through some examples of AI and we talked about some of the things you can do. But in this course there is no UI. There's no front end component to this course, cuz I feel like that would just be a distraction. This is purely only focusing on AI.

And we're gonna get into the intricacies of different examples beyond what we did in the full stack app. So if you wanna learn something more like, I really just wanna see how I can integrate some AI techniques into a full stack app, go check that course out. If you wanna dive into, I wanna see all the cool stuff AI can do regardless of whatever app it might be sitting behind, this is the course for you.

If you know me, my style is mostly like, I just like to code as much as possible, I don't like to talk, but it can get pretty crazy that way. I'll get off track, it might be unorganized. So to save myself and to be a resource for you all, I created some notes with some materials.

So the first thing you wanna do is you wanna go to this GitHub repo on Frontend Masters. It's called ai-nodejs, should be a public repo. Go check that out. This repo you don't need to pull this code down. This is just like the finished version of the course.

What we do here today should be an exact replica of this, but I don't know. I never write the same code twice the same way, so it'll be mostly the same, but you'll get the point, but it's here to reference as we go along. If you wanna see like, okay, what is he talking about?

Here's the complete version of that, but also more importantly, in the readme, if you click the notes, there should be a link to a notion document that has everything that we'll be doing here. So this is all the lectures, the topics that I'll be covering, and then a step by step of all the code that I wrote in this curriculum explaining pretty much every single line to the best of my ability of what I'm doing there.

So also we'll be using this just to stay on track, stay guided, a resource for you to copy and paste if you wanna catch up, and then also that repo is there.

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