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Kent wraps up his workshop by sharing a number of resources about managing and contributing to open source projects.


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>> Kent C. Dodds: Here at Adventure Resources, I've got a ton of blog posts on a subject Open Source. You can check those out later. Some more resources about Open Source, there's an awesome OSS repo that's pretty cool. I have an egghead course that's similar to what I just gave you today called How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library.

It's scrunched in like an hour, so it's quite a bit less than what you experienced today. And I have kind of the opposite side of things, how to contribute to an Open Source library. So this is something you can direct your contributors to, and in fact It gives you a badge that links to that project.

So you can put that on your Open Source project and people can learn how to contribute to your project, which is pretty fun. And then I got a couple of JavaScript error podcasts about Open Source and that's it for me. I would really appreciate it if you could submit some feedback.

This just takes you to your form. Please give me feedback. I can't learn without feedback, and Tony is asking if the REPOs updated with the latest code? So from the time that we forked on everything else that we worked on together is different. Well, we kinda followed what the repo is doing, but it's not GitHub names on there or anything, it's still Star Wars names.

But if you go to the last branch, if we go to do starwars-names and you go to, woops. The last branch that is FEM, so it's FEM10.1docs, then that will have all the- Lot of the things I already talked about, that;s what you want to compare yourself to.

The master branches is outdated. So yeah, that's it for me, again, I really appreciate your feedback and thanks for coming.

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