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>> Will Sentance: We're gonna do some pair programming to start cementing your understanding of these, before we dive into what looks very short, wait for it. [LAUGH] That's the rest of our code, but it will take us a real chunk of time. So let's do some pair programming, we're gonna cement some of the concepts you've seen here.

There's two options where you compare. Either go to where there's a unit, object-oriented programming. I think it's the same challenges, but these are quite nice because you can write the code, press Check my Answer, and it would run a bunch of tests to see whether your code's working.

That whether you have completed the challenge. Alternatively, no longer needed, Same challenge as You go straight to it, no log in needed, and those are the same challenges, but you have to figure out whether they're working using console logs. Is it returning the expected value? Okay folks, go to these two.

I'm gonna pair all of you up. We're doing pair programming here in person, that is the great privilege of being here in person. And we're gonna look at a series of things you, serious, not a work to say when you have a phone around. And we're gonna look at a series, [SOUND] a series of know okay, this is gonna happen again and again.

We're gonna look at a set of challenges, a set of things you may or may not know, have a look at these, evaluate for yourself. Do I know all of these, well then give yourself a score of one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. If you only know two of these things, maybe you've only added a CSS style before or you've only handled collisions in a hash table but not anything else, fascinating person, then you have a score of two.

So give yourself a tally for these things as a sort of self-assessment of your knowledge, and then we're gonna pair you up by your relative experience. Okay, give yourself a tally, stand up, forgive me, people. Stand up, grab your machines, I'm gonna line you up along here. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and I'm gonna pair you off by your relative experience.

Forgive me for this controlling approach. And our online audience, you can just jump straight to the challenges. If you do wanna pair up,
>> Will Sentance: Actually if you don't wanna pair up people online, here is how you do it. If you run csbin, you do it like this. You go to I believe, some string, whatever you want.

Let's call it, I don't know, Will and Mark. Now if we both go to that URL, online people, then we will be able to share and live code through these challenges together. So if online folk who wanna meet in the chat room and pair up, make yourself a link and then pair up, you can certainly do so as well.

But for our in person folk, we're gonna do it right here.

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