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Steve reviews how to resolve potential issues when working with multiple Tessel devices.

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Transcript from the "Setup Debugging" Lesson

>> Steve Kinney: Cool. Just two pieces of realtime follow up is, so, when I was working before we saw that it hung on the update. So we did a little research, by we I mean Jackie and I did some research. And we found out basically it's we're just trying to reapply the name, that's where it hung up, so the update was successful so if you Ctrl+C and rename it everything is fine, it's good.

[00:00:24] The other thing that we learned from having 20 or so Tessels in the same room is that it might default to one that is not yours. So mine is, that is not robot computer, we could export and environment variable and that will actually then point it to the one we want to point to.

[00:00:44] So you can actually just put in this in your console and then you should point. So instead of bulbasaur I'm gonna do.
>> Steve Kinney: RobotComputer. Just one thing to keep in mind is that, because I didn't put that in my batch profile or anything like that, this is good for this tab.

[00:01:05] All right, if you do open another tab then you would have to do it again or you can put in your best profile and then it will be for every future tab that you open as well, either way you should be good to go.