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Steve uses port A7 to make the LED pulse successfully.

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>> Steve Kinney: So we've rewired the board. It's no longer going to a zero. We've made it go to a five instead. So what we need to do next is actually just do a very quick adjustment to our code. In the IntelliJ 5 that we are looking for new five.Led(a5).

[00:00:21] I'll go back over to my code and I'll do a t2 run playground.js.
>> Steve Kinney: We'll go ahead and deploy that code. So now we see that the led is pulsing. Before it wasn't doing anything cuz the code crashed, cuz we weren't on a PWM port. Now we are and so we can actually fade between fully off and fully on, right?

[00:00:53] So in some cases, like for very general things, for the blinking that is a very standard the thing to do. So, it doesn't really matter what port I plugged it into, but for stuff like pulsing I need to make sure that I am using one of the ports, sorry, pins that supports the pulsing.

[00:01:11] And with that, we are going to kill this process cuz while the pulsing is very validating, we get the point.