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Transcript from the "Course Overview" Lesson

>> Scott Moss: This is a topic I really wanted to teach because, like I was telling someone earlier, I just can't imagine a time where I've written code without Nodejs. I can't even go back in my head like when did I learn it? I feel like I've always known it.

[00:00:17] So I just want everybody else to know it because it's life changing. It's pretty amazing. Especially if you already know JavaScript. So I normally don't do slides. If you have ever watched any of my courses, i'm just not the slide person. The military just kind of killed me when it came to slides.

[00:00:32] So I just don't do slides. But I'm doing slides for this one, because there are a lot of concepts that I wanna go over and have conversations with you all about, that aren't related to examples in code, but just more thought exercises and concepts. So there will be slides with this, but also there will be accompanying repo where you will be doing a lot of different exercises.

[00:00:52] So in the repo you see read me and all different types of things. Feel free to poke around and look at it as we go, but we're gonna explore all this, so no need. No requirements, or anything like that. We're gonna go over everything. But again, the read me is there for any resources or things that I talk about and you wanna see where that link is, it's gonna be in the read me.

[00:01:10] And then, also the link to the slide is in the reading. So if you go down to resources and click on that, you'll see a link right here to the slide. So you can go ahead and click on that and follow along, if you want on the slide or you can just watch my screen, it's up to you.

[00:01:23] But the slides will be there. So I'm just gonna go ahead and start with this, with the slides and then we'll jump back to a, to the actual project in a minute, cool. All right, so show of hands, who's used Java script before? Okay, everybody, yeah. Cuz that's kind of a requirement for this course.

[00:01:44] So like if you didn't know Java script it's gonna be a hard hard time, so that's good, that's good, okay, awesome. I heard a lot of people built like projects with React or Ember. So that means you have a little bit of experience with Node, unless you're doing like everything client side.

[00:02:00] So I would imagine it's probably gonna be some specific questions you might have in your experience with Node. So feel free to ask me those questions. I really wanna help people out with any practical situations that they have at work. That's just how my mind works. I'm very practical.

[00:02:14] So if there's something very specific that you've encountered and you're like, well, explain this, ask me right away. And that brings me to my next point, so yeah, let's have fun with this. So yeah, like Mark said, this is gonna be an intro to Nodejs. We're gonna go over everything from installing to deploying many different types of apps, and everything in between.