Introduction to Node.js, v3


Scott Moss

Scott Moss

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Introduction to Node.js, v3

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>> How's it going everybody? Welcome to Intro to Node.js V3. I'm your instructor, Scott Moss, I am a software engineer. Well, I guess technically I'm an investor now, I don't write code full time. But I was a software engineer for over 15 years now. Where I've worked at various companies like Netflix and doing consulting with other companies.

At this point coding is more than just something I do for work cuz I don't do the work, I do for fun, it's it's something that I enjoy doing. I dream in code, I build things, I'm constantly staying up to date with stuff. And Node.js is just one of those technologies that when I started learning to code it was brand new, so it was the thing that I picked up.

It's my native language, I guess. [LAUGH] So I'm very much in love with Node.js. And recently there've been a lot of changes in Node.js with the newest version. So this course is gonna go over a lot of those changes and my new approaches on how I do things in Node.js.

I think some of the things have evolved since last time I taught this. The fact that you can't even do frontend without touching Node.js is kind of crazy now, maybe in a good way. But pretty much everything that we're gonna be covering is gonna be in the notes here.

Although if you've ever taken any of my courses you know my style is just to hop right in and do things. So it'll be more of a reference and a tool for you all to use as you're taking the course, after the course, later on. But for me, I'll just be referencing it.

But most likely I'll just want to get in the text editor and do things and show examples that way versus just talking through some notes. So it's a resource for you all, take advantage of it if you need to. But you can also just follow along, ask questions, and have a conversation as we make things.

What is this course? Well, it's intro to Node.js. But at the same time, it's not just gonna be me listing documentation of Node.js and going through different concepts. We'll actually be building something. So basically what we're gonna do is we're gonna cover all the little things that I think are important in Node.js.

From things like modules and NPM and all that stuff. But also just the different types of apps you can make in Node.js, from CLIs to servers and interacting with file systems and stuff like that. So we're gonna combine that all to create a notetaking app that you can use from your terminal.

And then add a website component to it where you can see those notes. So sounds very simple but it covers pretty much everything you'll ever do on Node to some degree. Pretty much everything in Node is built on top of these foundations and just become more complicated. But at the end of the day there, probably a CLI, probably a server, probably touching some files somewhere, or the combination of all or some of those.

So by the end of this course, you should have a solid foundation on what Node.js is as far as like getting started. What it looks like, how to use it, and then the types of things you can do with it, the capabilities and stuff like that. And then, if you come from another language like PHP, you should be able to see some comparables.

And they're like, this is how you would've done that here or there. So you'll definitely have a sense of that, and if not, ask questions and I'll dive in. I'm purposely not getting into anything advanced here, seeing how it is an intro course. But if someone has an appetite for something more advanced, let me know.

I'm not afraid to dive in, even if I don't know, we'll figure it out together. So please ask those questions. And then here are the resources. So here's a repo to the actual app that really make it, it's the completed version. You can check it out, it's there to reference if you just wanna get caught up, if you wanna compare what you did to what's there.

Like I said, I'm just gonna be redoing this anyway from scratch. So what I do live here might not be exactly one for one what´s in that repo, cuz I just do things differently every single time. But it's mostly the same. And that repo follows all the code that's gonna be here in the notes, so they're one for one.

But I'm super random and sporadic, so I might do something different today as far as the code that I write, but it's there. And then just some other links to some important resources. NPM, which we'll talk about, if you've never heard about it, don't worry. And then documentation website for Node.js, if you are into reading complicated docs it's there for you.

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