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Transcript from the "Introduction" Lesson

>> Welcome to Frontend Masters and Scott Moss presents Intro to Node.js version two. So super excited to be back to teach this course. Apparently, this is a really popular course because a lot of people want to learn how to develop in Node.js after working on the frontend. And so when Mark invited me to update it, I mean, I couldn't resist.

[00:00:21] This is one of my most favorite technologies. I use Node.js every single day for many reasons. Whether it's trying to buy a RTX 3090s card with a bot doing or some work at the company that I work at, and everything in between. So super excited to talk about this technology.

[00:00:38] And I cannot wait to just be part of everyone's journey as they're learning how to develop in Node.js and level up. So a little bit about myself. Obviously, my name is Scott Moss. Right now I'm a senior engineer at Netflix. I also do courses like this, so you might see a lot of my courses on Frontend Masters.

[00:00:57] Recently I've started a YouTube channel, where I've been giveing videos and tips and things like that about how to break into tech. So I'm kind of just doing a lot of stuff right now. And I also just had a new baby. So I'm a new dad again. And that feels like a full time job.

[00:01:11] So I'm super thankful to be here to talk about this. Now, one thing that I want to just put up front, cuz when I talk to people who want to learn Node.js, there's always like, well, I know JavaScript, so therefore, I must know Node.js. Yes and no. So, I just want to say this up front, if you do know JavaScript, this course is definitely for you.

[00:01:37] Because Node.js is a runtime that uses JavaScript as its language. So you pretty much know at least the language to use in Node.js, which is going to be beneficial. But there's still just so much more to know about the environment that has nothing to do with JavaScript. So yes and no, JavaScript will be helpful.

[00:01:53] If you don't know JavaScript, that's totally fine. If you come from a backend language like Ruby or Go or any other OS-level language, this course is also gonna be for you. Because you'll understand how these languages interact with the OS. You'll just learn how to do it in JavaScript now and the ecosystem behind that.

[00:02:09] So, whatever side of the fence you're on, this course is gonna be great for you. And what I want to do is just send out this link right here. So you can look at this link for a website that I have deployed. Which is pretty much to follow along with all the notes and copy and paste code that you can have as you follow along with me on this course.

[00:02:31] You can see the URL right here, so check out that URL if you want to follow along, or you can obviously just watch my screen. And we can go for there, but yeah, there is gonna be a lot of copy and paste stuff in there as I'm live coding.

[00:02:43] If you just wanna just stay ahead and and be up to date with that. Obviously, this course is from Frontend Masters. I really love the team here at Frontend Masters. I've been teaching courses with them for years now. And they're basically family. We all hang out and do stuff together, so I love working with them.

[00:03:02] They kind of just let me teach it the way that I feel is great. And it all just works out, so really appreciate them. And definitely go check out any other courses that they have on there. The catalogue is just growing. I mean, they literally recorded more this week that I know that I'm gonna check out personally.

[00:03:18] So definitely check them out if you want to see what else is out there and stay up to date. Cool, so the format of this course is basically going to be, it's kind of going to be like a sampler platter. If you don't know what that is, if you go to a restaurant and they have all these different dishes and you don't know which one to get, so you just order a plate that's got a small sample of all of them.

[00:03:43] That's basically how we're gonna do this course. Because there's so many things you can do in Node.js, and I wanna show you all the different things versus focusing on one thing. Because there's actually a lot of really good courses on Frontend Masters that focus on one specific thing in Node.js.

[00:03:57] So, after this course, you could kind of branch off to take one of those as an elective, dive deep onto APIs or databases or DevOps or whatever. But in this course, we're pretty much just gonna have an intro to all the really sweet things about Node.js.