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Scott wraps up the course, encourages the audience to learn more about Next.js by reading the documentation, and concludes by stating that everyone attending the course now has the knowledge to develop and deploy an application in Next.js.

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Transcript from the "Wrapping Up" Lesson

>> I love Next.js. I think that the conventions and opinions they put in a framework make it a pleasant framework to work with. And I think at this point you know enough to be able to build an application. Because, like I said, the application side of Next.js is just react, which is why we didn't cover a lot of that because there's nothing new there.

[00:00:22] It's just react. I just wanted to focus on the Next.js specific stuff, which is everything that's around reacts and around data fetching and things like that. So we breeze over a lot of that stuff because it is just react, and even front end masses has tons of courses on that.

[00:00:37] So I kind of just breezed past it. But at this point, yeah, you do know about 80% of what it takes to build a Next.js app. Everything else is very advanced or altering integrations and plugins and stuff like that. But as far as building an app, you pretty much got it.

[00:00:53] And it feels like, that was pretty easy, that's because it was meant to be easy. They did a really good job with the framework, it should be pretty easy. So, yeah, that's kind of what I wanted to share with you guys on Next.js.