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Q&A: WebAssembly

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James talks about the future of JavaScript and WebAssembly.


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>> JavaScript is in kind of a weird, I wouldn't say weird, but kind of in an interesting position right now as a langauge and a platform. Because it's been around for a while, but just recently, it's only been in the past six, seven, eight years that it started becoming like a actual development platform.

Because prior to that you had browser and compatibility issues and all sorts of crazy stuff that kinda kept it from, being kind of a unified platform. And then all of a sudden, it all started kinda converging together. And then Node.js came out so now you've got server side JavaScript and so everything's just exploding right now.

>> Yeah.
>> There's so many toolkits and frameworks coming out for it right now it's kinda crazy. Java went through the same thing 20 years ago so sorta the same.
>> Yeah, I think, though, JavaScript's trajectory is gonna get even stranger.
>> Yeah.
>> It's probably.
>> Cuz of WebAssembly.

I don't know if you knew this, but WebAssembly is already in Node behind a flag. I think it's enable wazum, something like that. Anyways, you could figure it out, whatever it is, but it's already in browsers as well. So it's like how's that gonna change how we deal with code that runs in the browser?

Because now you can write code in any language and use it from JavaScript or use it from some other WebAssembly language and you can put your hot code paths in WebAssembly. Who even knows what language you wrote that in, maybe rust, maybe C, maybe, I don't know, some new language nobody even knows about yet.

It's gonna get even more strange

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