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Q&A: IRC Nicknames

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James takes questions from a student about setting a nickname in an IRC.


Transcript from the "Q&A: IRC Nicknames" Lesson

>> So someone asks on the chat, can you show how to add username? So you add the username by doing these two steps. So there's sort of like, there's the nick which is kind of like the one that's the username that you're gonna see on IRC on substack.

And then that's another username. And then there's this other part which is the user part. So you can see in these join messages this part is the username. So there are two senses of that. If you just copy this line, it'll work and just set your nick to whatever you want.

So hopefully, this kind of, Can help you to get an idea for how you might write your own IRC client, or an IRC bot, or something like that, because it's just a simple text based protocol. And all that you need to do is write a program that can generate those messages which are just strings of text and doesn't take very much.

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