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James introduces Internet Relay Chat (IRC), a text-based chat protocol that is still very popular among programmers.


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>> Another fun text-based protocol to experiment with, is IRC. This is one that you can try yourself, if you know the name of a public IRC server. So, if we wanna connect to freenode, can follow this procedure, so, I don't know how many connections the node will let us get away with, but whatever, I'll just try it and see.

So here, we're connected now to on the pseudo default IRC port of 666, [SOUND], three sixes and a seven. Then to kind of set yourself a nickname on IRC which is, again, a sort of old chat program. You can do nick. Call it, Gave myself a nickname, timed out.

And then you need to specify user as well. And once you do that, now you can join a channel. So I'm gonna join the cyberwizard channel, and I can see a message, And now, if I actually hop on, so I'm already in that channel in my IRC client on my server, so I can just make sure that it worked.

Indeed, that's me, right there. And I just posted this message from Netcat, onto this chat protocol, just by knowing how the chat protocol works. And now, I can also talk to myself, and I see the message over here. The way that the message is reformatted, is you get these lines that are sort of the hostname, I guess that's our IP address right now, in this building, then you get this keyword PRIVMSG, the channel, and colon, and then the message.

So, I told myself, hello, and now I can say back. I say, bye. As you can see on the left, it was sent successfully and I can, great so, if you wanna play around with another text based protocol, this one's pretty fun. You can hop in the cyberwizard channel on freenode and poke around.

Again, there are many commands, but here's just a few of them that you can use to basically just have some fun. So why don't we give everyone a little bit of time to poke around. Hopefully you can all hop on IRC with Netcat. Let's see how many of you can get on at the same time, [LAUGH] before we hit a limit.

If you could say something on the cyberwizard channel, then I'll leave this up on the screen, so we can all see it. That'd be kinda fun.

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