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James reviews several examples of kappa architecture: P2P social database; map database built on hyperlog, hyperkv, hyperlog-kdb-index; and P2P file sync over an append-only merkle DAG log.


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>> For some other examples of cap architectures and kind of like bigger, more real world systems, I've got a few one is called secure scuttlebutt. This is a peer-to-peer social database that you can use for a social networking. For gits implementation called git ssb, which is like a peer-to-peer GitHub.

All of this stuff works offline, like here I can running it. So you can see it's a social networking feed. It also is git implementation. So I think I'm running that as well. So if you wanna work offline. If you want to send pull requests and log issues and things, you can use these tools which implement this kind of peer-to-peer architecture.

There's also a lot of people who use this network who are very interesting folks to talk to who like know all of this stuff pretty well. There's also the project that I was talking about a bit earlier. This is one that I've worked on called OSM p2p. It's a peer-to-peer Mac database, and it's built on all of these tools that I've showed you hyper log hyper kV also like a spatial index for doing queries on OSM like data structures.

I talked a little bit about this as well, there's a debt hyperdrive or in depth hyper core. It's kind of a constellation of different libraries that you can use for peer-to-peer file sync, so it's more suitable for having files that are, might replace something like Dropbox, but they're grant funded and they're mostly building these tools for scientific use cases.

So but everything in here is definitely worth checking out and these are all built in a very modular fashion as well, so you can take out little pieces without having to get the whole thing running. Fantastic things to look at.

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