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Aaron wraps up the course discussing a few of the ES6 features he didn’t cover. He also talks about using the ES6 Compatibility Table to recognize what’s supported and the current state of the specification.

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Transcript from the "Wrap-up" Lesson

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>> Aaron: There's a lot more in the EX6 release that we didn't get to talk about. We kind of showed it off. Like I said, a lot of these things were things we could take an hour on each at least. So if we were to go through everything in here.

[00:00:17] And really dive into them as far as we could, it would take days. And so we tried to just bust through some of the stuff I thought was super important. We didn't get into string.repeat or string.startswith or endswith. We didn't get into the string prototype. We didn't get into any of the new array stuff.

[00:00:38] Copy within find, find index. We didn't get any into the math functions.. Or number.isnan. Sometimes limitations on that. But, you know, those are all additions to it. I covered the stuff I thought was going to affect the everyday developer, every day. So, any questions? And they don't have to be related to what we just talked about.

[00:01:01] You could ask a question about anything.
>> Speaker 2: How did you already try to use it with a framework like angular, for instance. And I know that angular two is going to support your six negatively. But theoretically, you could already do it?
>> Aaron: Yes, so tracers actually have meant a lot of stuff for the angular team, specifically.

[00:01:25] And so, you can get in there and see that voida has committed to the tracer project. And they're taking tracer pretty serious. And angular 2.0 is likely going to be a compile thing. So if anyone's played around with React. You can do this JSX thing. Where it's like you're putting HTML in your JavaScript.

[00:01:52] And then you have to build it into like a wonky. You could do it manually. But they just made it easy. And so you have a built step. You have a compile time step. Which is okay. I mean, it's honestly not the worst thing that that's ever happened to you.

[00:02:04] And angular is probably going to have something similar. And I think ember's moving that way, too. So I'm thinking most of the stuff in the future that's trying to move fast. And still support legacy is going to start having build steps. So most of this stuff we do, going forward.

[00:02:19] You're not going to get much further, without having a compile face for your code.
>> Speaker 2: I actually meant, did you already try to use it in the existing angular code?
>> Aaron: No. No, no I haven't. But I'm dying to use classes. I think you can get some serious benefits out of classes in angular.

[00:02:38] And, like I said, you could do it with functions prototype anyway. But yeah, anyway. Questions? Any other questions? Doesn't have to be related to this. No?
>> Aaron: So on every slide, I whored out my twitter account. So you should be able to just contact me. I'm @JSDev on Twitter.

[00:03:10] And feel free to just tweet me. And I'll try and help you out, if I can. Definitely come punch me in the back of the head if you see me at a conference in the future though. That would be fun. So. Yeah, question?
>> Speaker 4: Somebody's asking, you were talking about someone west, good references on the generator subject.

>> Aaron: Yeah, so his name's Kyle Simpson. He gave a talk at HTML5DevConf. And he's got a talk about generators. He also gave a friend in Masters Course, where he, of all the EX6 stuff, he went into LET quite a bit. And he went into generators quite a bit.

[00:03:51] And so, if you're really interested in generators. And I know a lot of you are, based on the feedback. Go ahead and check out his stuff. Where he spends a significant amount of time on that topic. Like I said, any one of these topics. Some of them, we could talk about for hours and hours and hours, right?

[00:04:11] But others are good bite-size things. But generators is one of those things where you really could go deep dive. And just thinking about all the things you could do with them. And going out and asking everyone. And then showing that off. You really could spend a lot of time.

[00:04:26] So the amount of time we will spend in here. It wasn't as much as we could have spent. We definitely could spend a lot more time on most of these these features. So yeah. If you're interested, check out that. That's for sure. But if you're also wanting to see what the changes they're still talking about with them.

[00:04:47] Go and check out the ES discuss notes. Like every month, when they're talking about it. Those monthly notes have some good stuff. So yeah, check those out too.