JS.Next: ES6 / ES2015

JS.Next: ES6 / ES2015

Aaron Frost
5 hours, 24 minutes CC

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The next few years in JavaScript will see many changes, both on the client-side as well as on the server. Many of the popular JavaScript frameworks will include a build step so that they can fully take advantage of the new constructs in the language -- ES6. This course introduced you to some of the most important features of the next version of JavaScript, ES6 including: let, REST params, spread operator, destructuring, arrow functions, classes, collections, modules and more!
Published: December 15, 2014

Table of Contents

History of JavaScript

Proper Tail Calls, Declarations, and Rest Parameters

Spread Operator, Destructuring, & Arrow Functions

Default Parameters, Classes, and Collections

Modules, Promises, & Generators

Build Tools