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>> Kyle Simpson: I can tell by the looks on your faces that you're swimming in all kinds of what on earth fatigue [LAUGH] from all of these new things that have been layered on. Especially some of these last things, which really kinda stretch your brain. These are not things that I figured out in five minutes.

It took days and weeks and months to think about the grid and think about what's missing and think about conceptually what we need. So don't feel bad if you are feeling that fatigue or if you are feeling like the, I'm swimming and I don't even know what I'm doing.

That is entirely natural and okay. I wanna remind you that what the mission for this course was is not for you to walk away and be like, certified I know everything about the new JavaScript, recent JavaScript. That isn't the mission. The mission really is to adopt the mindset that this is a train ride, that you should hop on, hang on tight, and enjoy the ride because where we're headed with JavaScript is a really amazing future.

It's an amazing future that isn't held back by all of the mistakes of the past where we have these long periods of no updates. It's not held back by the, we're just gonna dump so much stuff on you that you can't possibly even learn it all, even in a few years.

Instead, we're going to have a regular patterned release of results that little by little by little improve our ability to write JavaScript programs not that just do x,y, and z but that communicate well why we wanna do x, y, and z. That's what makes me excited about the stuff that's happened recently in JavaScript and the things that are just over the horizon.

And we'll definitely be talking about those in the next version of this course. Okay? Thank you all for being here. I appreciate it and happy JavaScripting.
>> Class: [APPLAUSE]

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