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Bianca Gandolfo from Hack Reactor spends a few minutes introducing herself and gives an overview of the course. Part one of this course will focus on Object, Arrays, and Functions. Part two will cover Function Programming techniques and patterns. She also provides links to the slides and course files. - ,

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Transcript from the "Course Introduction" Lesson

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>> Bianca Gandolfo: My name's Bianca, I am a JavaScript evangelist for Hack Reactor, which is an immersive JavaScript school in San Francisco. We have some cohorts coming up for our remote program as well as our in-person program in San Francisco. More details on that at, and let's see. So I guess we'll just jump in.

[00:01:00] Most of us have completed the pre-event survey. So I kind of have an idea of your background, your expectations for the class and things like that. Normally I would do a round of introductions, but since we're running a few minutes behind, I'll probably save that for, I'll come around and meet the in person people one by one during exercise time just for fun.

[00:01:24] So, this is a two part class. Day one we're going to do some JavaScript fundamentals. We're going to go over and deep dive objects and rays of deep functions, and then tomorrow, we are going to go even further and take what we learned today and practice some functional JavaScript on patterns with it.

[00:01:46] So, lot's of fun stuff coming up. For those of you who haven't seen, we have some links to the slides, it's a, as well as, which that's where we'll be going during the exercise time. All right, well let's get started. So first thing is who is this class for?

[00:02:10] So maybe you've been studying on your own for a few months on Code Academy, Khan Academy or more. And you're thinking, okay, what's that next step? I've done all the beginner resources but I want more, and I can't seem to find that middle ground. And I'm not able to solidify and practice those concepts that I was introduced in these beginner tutorials.

[00:02:36] So that's what this class is for. So it's someone who's completed a tutorial before, you have at least two to six months experience practicing JavaScript, and you want to solidify those fundamentals. Maybe you're just looking for more practice, and even better, maybe you're interested in becoming a hack reactor.

[00:02:54] And this class initially designed actually to help people who don't have any traditional computer science experience get into Hack Reactor. So for those of you who are interested in that, this course is perfect for that. Cool, so like I mentioned before, this is a two part course that I teach in the evenings and on the weekend at Hack Reactor.

[00:03:21] Part one, again, is just solidifying core JavaScript principles. We're gonna do that using a project for practice. And then part two, we're gonna be getting started with some functional concepts in JavaScript as well as introducing the Underscore Library and how to use it. And then afterwards, you can use this foundation to keep growing as an engineer or apply at Hack Reactor.

[00:03:52] Or I don't know, I think the next step is take over the world generally. But you know, whatever you want to do.