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In this exercise, students determine their method to pull out a unique value from a pre-made dataset.

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Transcript from the "Empty Room Exercise" Lesson

>> Bianca Gandolfo: All right, so exercise two. We have some data, and it's updated. We have a new development from our team of elves, who are doing a lot of research and helping us figure out who the murderer is while we're here strengthening our skills. We need to figure out which room no one was in on the night of the murder.

[00:00:24] So this is updated with the rooms that people were in on the night of the murder.
>> Speaker 2: Where can we find that?
>> Bianca Gandolfo: It's on the slides. Let's see, yeah, and the link is, pazixim. And so you can use any methods, and I encourage you actually to take a peek at either Lodash or Underscore, whichever one that you prefer, and see what methods could be useful for doing this.

[00:01:10] And again we are doing this by methods, not by writing it out and not figuring out or reading it or anything like that. Cuz if you imagine that this was a huge data set, you couldn't do that on your own.