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Though many of the concepts in this course are still relevant, overall this course does not reflect our current course standards.

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Wrapping up the JavaScript for WordPress course, Zac thanks the students.

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Transcript from the "Wrapping Up JavaScript for WordPress" Lesson

>> Zac: Let me thank you again. I'm making JavaScript for WordPress kinda my work and my shtick. It's what I'm focusing on. So if you're interested in this, my Twitter handle is a pretty good one to follow. I encourage you to follow. Ask questions. I can point you to a lot of people if I can't always answer the question or know something.

[00:00:19] I know most of the people that can, so I could point you towards them, so check me out there. And then if you do want to go in depth in this, and you do wanna invest in some education. I am taking about 20 students 3 times a year and working with them one on one through hours, and hours, and hours of content at javascriptforwp.

[00:00:39] So maybe if you wanna recommend it to a friend you're welcome to, or for yourself to check out. But again, there are some free resources there, and I hope that this was super valuable for you. I thank all of you here in the workshop. Give yourself a round of applause, please.

[00:00:55] Thank you for doing this. Very happy. And you at home, huge fan. I hope to meet you one day. Say hi, ping me with questions, let me know how I could help, if there were any mistakes and I hope everything went well. And then the final bit of gratitude goes to Mark and all the folks at Frontend Masters, all the other instructors.

[00:01:12] If mine is the first course you're checking out, please check out other ones. If mine is the tenth course, they've got even more coming, so check out their live workshops. Check out their other stuff and recommend them to friends, because I use it for learning and so should you.

[00:01:26] Hey, you already are iif you're here. So thanks again folks, again I'm Zac, and happy JavaScripting y'all.
>> Zac: My god, we did it. [LAUGH] Y'all thank you. I know that was not easy sitting in those chairs that whole time. And we had some set backs, I am very grateful to all of you for your help.

[00:01:58] Thank you.