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In this challenge, students work on accessing API endpoints.

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Transcript from the "Challenge 6: WordPress REST API" Lesson

>> Zac Gordon: But here's what we gonna do with practice. We're first going to, I give you few exercises which we just switched back from on how to access the endpoints with do on your site. And then we'll play around, we have a few minutes around with arguments, so you could try searching or this or that.

[00:00:15] This is where you need some content in your site. So, if you haven't installed the WP Rest, or if you haven't added some dummy text or some dummy post, go ahead and do that as part of this practice. And then there is a plugin in the 4.3 folder, that if you install it would set up a custom endpoints.

[00:00:34] And after these exercises, I want to show you how that's done because, like I said, most people are going to the direction of rather than just using completely default API. They're trimming them down, making them faster, and just getting only the day they need and nothing else.