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JavaScript for WordPress Challenge 4: More WordPress Plugins

Though many of the concepts in this course are still relevant, overall this course does not reflect our current course standards.

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In this challenge, students add JavaScript to appear in WordPress administration area and a WordPress plugin page.

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Transcript from the "Challenge 4: More WordPress Plugins" Lesson

>> Zac Gordon: So, now what you need to do on your own is work on doing the same thing, but you're gonna change the hook so that it loads in the admin area. So, deactivate 2.1 and then activate 2.2.
>> Zac Gordon: Do your code, and then come back to this page.

[00:00:18] And when you open the console in the admin area, you should actually see that code running there, okay? And then, the third time you do it, you'll see a special link show up in the admin area, and your custom code will only show when you click on that custom link.

[00:00:33] Because that's our plugin page, okay? So, let's see where we are after five minutes, assess, and come back. Again, it's only a little bit of copying and pasting. It shouldn't be too tricky what we have going on here, okay?