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JavaScript for WordPress Challenge 2: More Enqueuing JavaScript

Though many of the concepts in this course are still relevant, overall this course does not reflect our current course standards.

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In this challenge, students work through the remaining enqueuing JavaScript exercises.

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Transcript from the "Challenge 2: More Enqueuing JavaScript" Lesson

>> Zac: So what I will do now is I will pause at this point and you can go through the rest of exercises yourselves. Now I will say this, there's stuff in there I haven't explained yet, okay? But it's all documented and it should make sense if you understand basic conditional statements in some programming.

[00:00:16] But keep your questions in mind. Jot them down, put file them in a file as we go, and then I'll circle back and go over it all and answer them together, okay? So, let's take about [COUGH] 10, 15 minutes and see how far we get through with all of these and then we'll go from there.

[00:00:30] Like I said, it's not too much typing and if you wanna just copy and paste the things into the right places, completely valid.