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Frontend Masters intro Douglas Crockford introduces himself, gives a little introduction, and goes over the agenda for the course.

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Transcript from the "Introduction" Lesson

>> [MUSIC]

>> Douglas Crockford: Good morning.
>> Good morning.
>> Douglas Crockford: [COUGH] So a lot of JavaScript today. We're gonna start with programming style and your brain. Programming style is a really important thing, which is vastly misunderstood, as is almost every aspect of JavaScript and pretty much every aspect of programming. Then we're gonna go on to an overview of the JavaScript language and talk about pretty much everything that's in it.

[00:01:12] Then we're gonna focus on function. Functions are the best part of the language and something that people don't know very well. Then after lunch we'rere going to get to the best part of the day. We are going to put you to work. So I am going to get a series of problems to solve which will require that you fully understand functions.

[00:01:34] If it goes well, is gonna completely change the way you think. So this is gonna be great. Then we're gonna talk about Monads which is weird. And then if there's time, that'll depend on how long everything else runs, we'll talk about Ajax and the browser and that crap.

>> [LAUGH]
>> Douglas Crockford: So that agreeable? Sound like a good day?
>> Speaker 2: Yes.
>> Douglas Crockford: I think it'll be easier for me because I get to stand up and walk around. You're, unfortunately, gonna have to just sit there and take it. If you have any questions, let's stop along the way and deal with that.

[00:02:12] Can everybody hear me okay? So, let's begin.