JavaScript the Good Parts

JavaScript the Good Parts

4 hours, 52 minutes CC

This course has been updated! We now recommend you take the The Good Parts of JavaScript and the Web course.

This course has been replaced with a new extended version JavaScript the Good Parts! JavaScript has bad parts that many times overshadow it’s good parts. Douglas claims JavaScript has, “some of the best parts of any programming language ever created”. He explains why in this course, quizzes you on functional programming and covers the monad in the final lecture of the course.

This course and others like it are available as part of our Frontend Masters video subscription.

Published: February 19, 2013
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Table of Contents

JavaScript Course Introduction

Part 1: Programming Style & Your Brain (00:01:54-01:15:03)

Part 2: And Then There Was JavaScript (01:15:03-02:24:00)

Part 3: Function the Ultimate (02:24:01-03:09:01)

Part 4: Problems (03:09:02-03:48:54)

Part 5: Monads & Gonads (03:48:55-04:50:36)