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Will corrects his mentioning of XMLHttpRequest.

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Transcript from the "XMLHttpRequest Correction" Lesson

>> Will Sentance: So we gotta start with a correction. I typically write for my XHR. I write XHR. Actually, the request, the feature is XMLHTTPRequest, not XHR. HTTP request. Hopefully you will have spotted that. It's XMLHTTPRequest and I often just conflate it to XHR to save writing out the whole thing.

[00:00:32] But of course, that means I wrote XHR here. It is in fact correctly XMLHTTPRrequest. If you don't wanna write the whole thing out, you can just refer to it as XHR. That's the feature the browser that we're using. So
>> Will Sentance: If any of you were thinking, where is this mysterious XHR with HTTPRequest.

[00:00:55] It's a conflation in my mind of XMLHTTPRequest, and XHR, okay.