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After mentioning the Codesmith Residency program, Will concludes the course by thanking the students.

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Transcript from the "Wrapping Up "JavaScript: The Hard Parts"" Lesson

>> Will Sentance: This solution for class keyword, has emerged as a new standard in JavaScript professional engineering. Feels more like the sound of other languages, but 99% of developers do not know how it works. And therefore fail their interviews. You will not be one of those people, because you now the hard parts of JavaScript.

[00:00:24] Very well done. And to my online audience, enormously well done. We are at 4:30, I wanna add one final thing. Hard Parts Challenge Code. This is because this is a tough set of two days of learning, of building, of experimenting. The Codesmith residency based in New York, and in Los Angeles and in Oxford in the UK, has two predominant locations, New York and LA.

[00:00:57] In New York, the first cohort happens September 25th. We're selecting 12 people. We had 165 applications in the first four weeks after we opened, the applications for it were set in 12 very, very challenged people for September 25th cohort. In LA, we select a larger group closer to 20, 25.

[00:01:23] And from those, hundreds of people apply to get into those cohorts. We take in people who are already at least junior, developer level. Some come in at CTO level. This is really my thing going right now. Some come in at at least CTO level, very rarely, one or two.

[00:01:45] Some come in at senior dev level, all of them coming because they want a level up, in their under the hood understanding of JavaScript. They want to become excellent telecommunicators. I was talking over here a second ago. I understand why, we try to give you hypothesize why grads do so well.

[00:02:01] And one theory goes, the technical communication piece. Lectures aren't really about conceptual understanding as much as they're about a chance for you to polish and refine how you communicate with each other. But also with the whole room, exactly what your code is doing, that's one. Two, the projects.

[00:02:22] We hinted at this the very start, and I tell you all as I tell our online audience as well. If you are aspiring to mid-senior roles, and for the audience here as well, do not build generic full-stack applications with no users. Build developer-empowering tools and libraries. It pitches you at a whole another level.

[00:02:45] When Codesmith projects are Reactide, 7,000 GitHub stars, WebDSP hundreds of GitHub stars and featured on the headline stage of Google I/O, it's developer conference, a few months ago. Or overview, alive with thousands of GitHub stars for viewing state in the view library, all of these, you can do.

[00:03:08] All this under the hood understanding allows you to actually build libraries and tools that empower other developers, not just make it work. You can do that. That's also a core part of the Codesmith program, is building those sort of projects. But you can do them regardless. I just say, set your aspirations high, all right.

[00:03:29] So, how do you apply? Well, the online application for Codesmith, we take about a quarter of those people to interview based on what they say. They have to write a few little essays about why they're inspired about coding, what they've built, the things they've done. We also have the Hard Parts Challenge Code.

[00:03:48] This guarantees you an interview for the residency, the 12 week residency at Codesmith. 90% of people who end up getting accepted have attended Hard Parts. This is definitely really clear, not 90% of the people are accepted, far from it. But rather, people who get in, most of them attempt the Hard Parts.

[00:04:08] We created the Hard Parts Challenge Code guarantee interview for the Hard Parts community members. It started off like, people would come to a session called hard parts, the first time I did this I did like build a YouTube app. And everyone walks up like I can build the next YouTube, oka this is not necessarily quite.

[00:04:25] People will come to me and go Hard Parts, what a aspirational driven group of people. Every single person who gets into Codesmith, I call them and I still make decisions sometimes on how they grew during their Hard Parts journey. If you complete this Hard Parts Challenge code, it lasts 24 hours, only 24 hours then it's gone.

[00:04:47] This isn't something that the recorded will be of any use. Only 24 hours for people watching online live, and engaging, and for us here. If you complete it within 24 hours, you are guaranteed interview for the LA or New York location of Codesmith. The East Coast campus headquarters, the West Coast headquarters.

[00:05:06] It builds upon not the OOP content, we're gonna have it built upon the callbacks and higher functions content. And it has a special code that I wrote on my hand. Very professional, I know you can appreciate that. It's a callbacks high order function challenge and it's e q9k, and to reach it go to the apply page of

[00:05:34] Or you can get to it and you can type this in, it takes you to a secret application, not the regular one. Or go to,
>> Will Sentance: Complete this challenge if you are aspiring to get in code. If you are trying to get in your regular apply page, if you run a really great application you'll get invited to interview.

[00:06:01] But three quarters of people don't get invited to interview from the regular application page cuz it's not a technically demanding coding challenge. It's just where as this guarantees you interview for Codesmith. By the way, it's also not the most technically demanding challenge. The interview itself, for Codesmith is, we will push you in the interview until you cannot solve the program.

[00:06:21] I don't care that it's a dynamic programming problem. The dynamic program problem will push you to there, and see how you navigate through that block. People who get full marks on JavaScript don't get in because what we really look for, if you haven't been able to tell yet, is technical communication and problem solving.

[00:06:38] All right, folks, so that's the last thing I was gonna say. We have drinks here, I wanna give a huge shout out to our online audience for their engagement throughout. They were asking phenomenal questions which helped all of us in the room as well. They were supporting each other with pointers and tips.

[00:06:54] Thank you, online audience, we're very grateful to you around the world. Let's give them a round of applause, actually. Thank you to all our online members.
>> Group: [APPLAUSE]
>> Will Sentance: And thank you, above all. Above all, preemptively above all or just one rung below above all to Mark and John, and to the whole front-end masters team.

[00:07:18] The whole team who has made this possible. I want to give a personal thank you. I was giving this talk, potentially, a year ago, and a very tough thing happened, and therefore it was delayed until now. But, Mark has been enormously supportive throughout, and I am very grateful to him for that.

[00:07:40] And, he is somebody who has empowered so many developers to give back. And I hope someone in this room, maybe many of you in this room will one day be your marks rosters of leaders, because that's what it's really all about. The one thing about software engineering, is you can never run out of stuff to learn.

[00:07:56] How many jobs have that opportunity? It's inspiring. It also means you can never run out of stuff to teach. And that's a great blessing as well. And Mark is creating a platform here that we can all benefit from and thank you so much, Mark. I wanna give a personal thank you to you, thank you my friend.

>> Group: [APPLAUSE]
>> Will Sentance: And as a final thanks to all of you for pushing through at least 15 hours worth of content together over the last two days. This wasn't sit back and you know, casually. This was sit forward, constantly at risk of being called upon. Those first hours, the trepidation in your eyes.

[00:08:40] And now the warmth, embracing the learning that you've shown throughout the past two days. I'm really, really proud of all of you. And I hope this is the beginning of you guys having an ongoing friendship and mentorship in both directions with me. You all have my contacts. I'll write it up.

[00:09:00] I guess you can use, or you can use I also be in the beginning of an ongoing mentorship in both directions with all of us. And so, share details with your friends you made over these two days. This weekend take these challenges. Take more challenges, code wars.

[00:09:31] Take more front end mollusks courses and challenges. And get pair programming through all of them. So finally, give yourselves a round of applause. Very well done.
>> Group: [APPLAUSE]