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JavaScript: The Hard Parts Callbacks and Higher-Order Functions Exercises

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In this exercise, students work in pair programming to better understand Callbacks and Higher-Order Functions.

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Transcript from the "Callbacks and Higher-Order Functions Exercises" Lesson

>> Will Sentance: All right folks, here we go. You have your partners, you are gonna go to And you need one machine between two of you. One machine between two cuz you are pairing. If you wanna use one of the research machine you can I guess, but-
>> Speaker 2: [INAUDIBLE]

>> Will Sentance: Exactly, put it in the middle, put the machine in the middle. And if you hit block raise your hand and I will come round and help navigate you through. But folks, get to your pair programming challenges. for our online audience as well.
>> Speaker 3: What did you say?

>> Will Sentance: There it is.
>> Speaker 3: Okay, yeah.
>> Will Sentance: There it is. And folks, this material is gonna push you beyond what we've just seen. And then we're gonna start to see approaches to this stuff after the pairing in about 10, 15 minutes. But folks, get to your pairing.

[00:00:44] I wanna hear the warm, energetic mumbling of pair programming. Get to it, people.