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Students are then instructed to continue pair programming with closure exercises. - Exercise: - Solution:


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>> Will Sentance: You know what? It is pair programming, it's time, we're taking this very nicely paced, it's wonderful, we're gonna do some pair programming, folks. I think at this point, get back back with your same partners, go to and you're gonna see what we did here, and you're gonna start to see a whole bunch of closure challenges.

Right after a 20 minute pair programming session, we're gonna come back together and we're gonna see how closure works under the hood and we're talking lexical scoping. I'm going to tell you the one five letter word, not a word five, word phrase that will, I'm not to make this joke anymore because somebody apparently was upset that it definitely did not get them a senior developer job for knowing this phrase.

>> Speaker 2: [LAUGH]
>> Will Sentance: So but if you know this phrase, you will get a senior developer job like that, I want to promise you right now you say those five words, you're gonna see it in another country. All right, back to pair programming.

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