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In this challenge, students create module instance with a public API.

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Transcript from the "Challenge 5: Module, Part 1" Lesson

>> Kyle Simpson: Let's jump into Exercise 5. Now, I've allocated a much longer period of time here, but I wanna explain how this is gonna work. If you open up the readme, there are three parts to this exercise. And I'm gonna have you do each part individually, and then I'm gonna talk through the solution with it before you start on the next part.

[00:00:17] So try not to work ahead, okay? Just do part one, we'll come back in a few minutes, after we've worked on part one, and I'll talk you through that solution. In part one, the only thing you need to do is wrap a single module definition around the entire contents of our application code.

[00:00:33] Just make one module. Should be pretty straightforward, it's just a few lines of code. So we'll take five, six minutes something like that to do it, it's not a lot of work. But then we're gonna come back, and do something a bit more sophisticated. We're gonna start splitting these up into multiple modules, that'll be part two and part three.