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Marcy concludes the course on accessibility in JavaScript by emphasizing the importance of user testing and discussing a conference on accessibility.


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>> Marcy Sutton: One last note on humans in this process. And I touched on this at the beginning, that working with people with disabilities is just so valuable. I wish I would have done it earlier. I mean I guess I did with Targets QA team. So I have been doing that for a while, but not on every project.

And there are groups that you can engage for this. There's access works from nobility. There's also a startup in Toronto called Fabled Tech Labs, that's who I worked with for Gatsby's user testing. And they have a platform, at least some Fables case where you can go and sign up for maybe a 30-minute meeting with someone with a disability.

And they will walk through trying to use a prototype or a product or something and you can get that feedback. You can record the video and then you have an artifact of it, you could share it with your team. So awesome. And so, coming up in October 2019, I am doing a talk for the inclusive design conference.

It's a 24-hour virtual accessibility conference. And those videos will live on like the past years are all on there so it's kind of timeless. I'm doing a talk there with one of the testers from Fable to talk about user testing. And I'm hoping to get this routing pattern that we worked on today in front of this tester to get more feedback on it cuz now that I've got recommendations, I wanna fine tune them.

So stay tuned for that, yeah, that's in October, I think October 10th.
>> Marcy Sutton: So that's it. And, I think we've had questions kind of throughout the day, but if anyone has any other questions, I'm happy to answer. You can always tweet at me too. So thank you so much, this has been a lot of fun.

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