Accessibility in JavaScript Applications

Continuous Integration & Manual Testing

Marcy Sutton Todd

Marcy Sutton Todd

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Accessibility in JavaScript Applications

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Marcy demystifies continuous integration testing, encourages finding fun ways to automate testing practices, and advocates for manual accessibility testing in addition to the previously discussed methods.


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>> Marcy Sutton: A real brief mention of Continuous Integration. So we've got these automated tests, right? And people ask me, how do deal with accessibility in CI? It just like any other software test. So once I've got these assertions in there, if somebody breaks the implementation and then the tests start failing.

That will show up in CI, like if you're running your test suite, that should fail to build. And I have a whole talk just on this it's on my github. It's a11y-and-ci so that you can go find that repo and it's got a link to view it. But yeah, that's an interesting way to bake that into your project.

And where this really gets exciting is if you could Track who broke the build. And this image was from a Tweet someone wrote me about a monitor they had up in their office where whoever broke the build they could shame them. And the Angular team actually had this in their office in Mountain View.

And I broke the build one time, like I broke Angular. And I was in the office to see it, and it was pretty life changing. So you could do that, maybe you automate some kind of like Internet of Things. Like Nerf Gun to like fire foam at somebody or light up a big red light over their desk or something embarrassing.

That you could automate like if you had a hack day or something, you could do something really cool to track who broke the build. So if anyone ends up doing that please Tweet at me because I would love to know. As you can gamify it especially if it's accessibility related.

It'd be pretty cool. But Spoiler: we need to do more than that. Automation can only, and linting can only get us so far, and human testing and manual testing. I mean, we're the humans doing the manual testing. That's super important too. And so to send you off with some advice for that, there's a really great article on Smashing Magazine from Eric Bailey on the importance of Manual accessibility testing.

He's got a great attitude about being kind of pragmatic about what automation's good for, what Manual testing is, like what's important to cover. I'd recommend following Eric Bailey, he's got a lot of really great writing about accessibility and is just a really interesting person to follow.

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