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Marcy fields a question on magnification and encourages students to celebrate examples of highly accessible websites.

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Transcript from the "Accessibility Debugging Q&A" Lesson

>> Marcy Sutton: So there's obviously a lot of stuff that you could be testing with and we could have done a whole day work shop on just debugging, so it's kind of hard to cram it in so we can focus on other things. A few things I did want to mention were that, with magnification in particular, there was a question about media queries and trying to react to this browser zoom.

[00:00:22] And I zoomed in quite a bit in my slide deck, I can go all the way to 500% whether someone's actually gonna do that I'm not really sure. I think the web Content Accessibility Guidelines talk about 200%, so if you make stuff work, if there's a level the aim for I think 200% is the way to go.

[00:00:42] But also this slide deck is more, it's got a fixed footer, it's a different experience than, say the application which has a responsive layout. And if I zoom all the way in here, this flows a little bit better because it goes down to one column, and I don't get horizontal scrolling.

[00:01:00] So depending on what kind of an application you're working on, that might change what you need to change a little bit but magnification is super helpful in a lot of different scenarios. So lots to do with debugging and that's something you can do all the time like with a website, in your personal life, you pull up a website and just, what's this doing?

[00:01:23] And that's something that I look for a lot and if you find something that working really well, I'd love to hear about it. I catalog what I call accessibility wins on my blog, and it's hard to find good examples to be honest, I think New York Times is gonna go on there now it's a really great example.

[00:01:41] So yeah, if you find good things out in the wild let's celebrate it because it's really worth highlighting the wins and focusing on what's working as we debug things that maybe aren't working as well.