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Angie Jones

Angie Jones

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Java Fundamentals

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Angie Jones introduces the course by providing some professional background and course set-up instructions. Installing IntelliJ and Java is also covered in this segment.


Transcript from the "Introduction" Lesson

>> Hello everyone and welcome to Java fundamentals. Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, especially for enterprise applications. So you're making a good investment by learning this today. I am Angie Jones, I am certified Java programmer. I've been coding in Java since its very early days over 20 years now.

And I've taught many workshops and courses and even classes at the collegiate level in Java. And I am also a Java champion. So this should be fun, right? All right, so we wanna go ahead and get set up. If you haven't already, install IntelliJ, the community edition, and let me show you where that is.

So you're gonna go to And you'll see three operating system choices, Windows, Mac, or Linux. Choose your operating system, in this community edition is the free open source version. So that's the one you wanna download. If you already have IntelliJ Ultimate, or you wanna use a different IDE, Eclipse, or VS Code or anything like that, that's totally fine, okay?

But this is what we'll be using today. After you download that, go ahead and run the installer. It's pretty quick to install. And then I'm gonna go inside of here, so I've already installed it, I'm gonna say I want a new project And the type, we're gonna choose is Maven, so we're gonna do a Maven project.

And there's a little prompt up top to create a general Maven project. Go to the New Project page. Has less options, so I'm just gonna go there, makes my life easier. And let's go ahead and make a new project. You can call this whatever you wanna call it, I'll just call it java_course.

And you can put this anywhere you want on your computer, so I'll just say frontend_masters. That's my location. You don't have to click this Create Git repository. I will because I'll go ahead and commit any changes that I'm doing in the course so that you can download them.

And you want your Language to be Java, Build system, Maven, for the JDK, you want Java 17 or later. I already have openjdk-17. If you don't have something that's 17 or later, you can just choose this Download JDK option. And then that'll show you a bunch of different options.

I recommend the Oracle OpenJDK. So that's the open source version of Java. Again, I'm gonna use 17, but you can use anything 17 or later, okay? And we'll just say Create.

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