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DOCTYPE for HTML5 <!DOCTYPE html> vs the more complex HTML4 and XHTML is an exceptional improvement. An exercise using the HTML5 Markup Validation Service at to create a valid webpage. SYNTAX changes for HTML5 include no longer requiring quotes around attributes like XHTML: <img src=”file.png” />. HTML5 also brings back uppercase properties <IMG SRC=file.png />. It’s set-up to intuitively know what you’re trying to do, regardless of how you type it. PAGE STRUCTURE eliminates DIVs and uses simplified elements; this can sometimes lead to some confusion about the relationship with old DIVs. Molly Holzchiag, with Opera, offers one-to-one definitions. DIVs are thus eliminated unless there is not already an HTML5 hook defined. New, simplified elements don’t work in older browsers, which had to be accommodated by some javascript code. A good example is provided at: TIP: You still need to use display block for IE to ensure it displays correctly. Progressively Enhanced HTML5 (Infused with SHIM) using modernizr tool ( to update older browsers and test feature efficacy.

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