Interviewing for Front-End Engineers

On-Site Interview Overview

Jem Young

Jem Young

Interviewing for Front-End Engineers

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From both the perspectives of interviewer and interviewee, Jem sets up the on-site interview and the types of questions that are likely involved.


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>> Now we're to the on-site portion, the part where we all think all of the interviewing lies. And a lot of it does, cuz this is the final step. Usually it's the on-site, and then you either pass or you fail. You get an offer or you don't. And this is the part where everybody has anxiety.

So we're gonna cover a lot of JavaScript questions. We're gonna cover JavaScript fundamentals, things that are relevant. But we're also gonna cover as the interviewer, what am I looking for when I ask this question? What does it tell me about their engineering background? What does it tell me about their skill set?

What does it tell about how they think? And as the candidate, you're trying to give the best showing. Cuz as my friend Brian Holt once said, when you get this far into the company, they wanna hire you. They obviously need a talented engineer. So they're really just looking for a reason not to hire you and don't give them the reason.

Remember, think out loud, solve the problems, and write it all out. But above all, practice doing this on a piece of paper, not on a computer. The on-site, the part you've all been waiting for, it's writing, depending on how confident you feel in your skills. Or how confident you feel in me that I won't try to trick you.

Which is always tempting to trick people, but I'm not going to today. We're gonna cover about nine or ten problems that I think represent a good breadth of skills as a UI engineer, as a JavaScript engineer. They're not gonna be all encompassing, I can't possibly answer and ask every single question you're ever gonna get.

But hopefully, when you have real life interviews with real companies, you'll see variations of these. Or if you're only gonna see variations, understand the skills of what we're looking for here. And understand these core concepts that you should really know.

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